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1505 N Broadway
Minot, ND, 58703
United States


Grace Lutheran is a new church family in Minot, ND that exists to connect people with Christ and with each other.  If you don't yet have a church to call home, we're the place for you.

Grace Lutheran Church is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).  


What to Expect

Maybe you like what you've read about our church, but you're just not sure about coming to a service.  I completely understand.  I struggle going to new places, which is why I always Google a place before visiting it.   That's also why I'd like to share with you exactly what you can expect from us so that there aren't any surprises when you visit us.

Time - Our worship starts at 10am... but since we run on Dakota time, it's probably a little closer to 10:05!

Dress - We're a very casual church, and that means some in our group come wearing jeans. Whatever you're comfortable in, wear that! If it means jeans and a t-shirt, great!  If you'd rather dress up  in respect to the Lord, equally great!  Either way, you won't stand out.

Children - Bring your kids, and don't be afraid if they cry!  We have many young families with small children, so you'll fit right in!  We also feature a children's sermon in every service to include the little ones in the message, and we provide kids' bags to help keep them occupied so that you can focus during the sermon.  Our goal is to make worship a family experience.   

Worship - Because we prefer to think of worship as a conversation with God, we follow a "liturgy" which invites participation in various responses.  While some churches have abandoned a formal worship service with hymns, confession, absolution, readings and prayers, we cherish such things.  They remind us of the one thing that truly makes church relevant: there is something missing in our world and we need what God offers.  But in conversation with God, we are reminded of how he can help each of us personally. For these reasons we print all the hymns and responses onto bulletins and project them on a screen. Our goal is that everybody is able to participate in our worship and that it is easy to follow, whether the liturgy is brand-new or you have a distracted little bundle in your arms!

Sermon - It's a given that you'll hear a sermon when you come to church. Grace is no exception there, but we may be an exception when it comes to the content. While we want our sermons to be practical and applicable to your life, we're also careful to keep the Bible's chief focus. After all, how could we hope to improve upon what God has given to us!? That's why every week at Grace you will hear a Bible-based message which, among other things, will always focus you on Christ.

Offering - An offering plate will go around, and you are welcome to contribute if you desire.  This is a simple way in which our members express their thanks to God and to support our growing work here in Minot.  

Variety - Our church is still growing, but we already have an incredible variety of people who worship with us.  On any given Sunday you might find single guys and entire families.  Long-time Christians and recent converts. Military guys and stay-at-home moms. Lifelong Minotians and those new to town.  In other words, you'll fit right in.  

Looking forward to meeting you!

--Pastor Nate